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I hereby give Dailey Alexandra Photography (Dailey Mosher), his or her assigns, licensees, and successors in interest, legal representatives and heirs' permission to use and license the images for use in any Media for all lawful purposes. I understand that the images may be modified or altered in any way, and may be combined with other images, audio, text, graphics or other material. I understand that my name and identity may be associated with the images.

I agree that all copyright in the images belongs to Dailey Alexandra Photography. This release is given for good and valuable Consideration that I acknowledge I have received. I acknowledge that I will make no claim upon Photographer with respect to the images for any reason. I agree that this Release is binding upon my heirs and upon anyone to whom I may assign any other rights that I may have.

I agree that this Release is irrevocable, perpetual and worldwide. I approve the foregoing and waive any rights in the premises. I have read this Release and am fully familiar with its contents.