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Sarah + Eric l Savannah Rapids Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer


After maybe two emails back and forth (which involved the staging of an alien abduction AND multiple Disney/Wizard of Oz references (how did she know I have a soft spot for that Wicked Witch!?)) Sarah + I were fast friends. Okay, maybe thats an understatement. I'm actually heartbroken that Sarah + Eric don't actually live in Aiken because now I'm going to have to have a long distance bestie. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Sarah + Eric got married at the Savannah Rapids in Augusta, GA! It was a GORGEOUS day. Seriously. Blue skies, fluffy clouds and a beautiful bride. (Only thing that could have MAYBE made it better was an appearance by Elphaba herself-JK!) Now, direct sunset is usually NOT a photographers friend. However, those gorgeous wonderful clouds made it totally worth it!

Sarah + Eric were such an awesome couple to work with. And Landon...OH LANDON! Landon, Sarahs son, accepted me into his wolf pack for the night and I could not have been more honored. That boy is such a ham for the camera! MY GOODNESS did I have fun catching his goofy moments.

It was truly a pleasure to be your wedding photographer guys! Congratulations!!! I wish you both a lifetime of health, happiness and abundant love! 

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