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Meet Dailey

Welcome friend - I’m Dailey! It is oh so wonderful to have you here! 

So, I have a pretty cool job..I tell love stories for a living. If we’re being honest most days I wake up and feel pretty darn blown away that I get to call this passion of mine a job. 

I’ve had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. Now, I’ll keep this short and sweet for you! I went off to college and received my B.S. in Biology. Shortly after I got pretty sick (don’t worry-I’m okay now)! I realized just how short life really is and how important it is that we live every day chasing our passions. And from there Dailey Alexandra Photography was born! 

I absolutely love working with my couples. Honestly, I feel so blessed to meet each and every one of you. Helping to tell your unique story and document moments that will become your family heirlooms for years (and generations) to come is an absolute gift. 

Who am I when I’m not immersed in these real life love stories?! I’m a girl that loves a good margarita. (Seriously, if you want to talk wedding timelines over tacos and margs…you’ve found ya girl)! I have a miniature dachshund, Sully, that LIVES to bark at the UPS man that is ever bringing me a seemingly endless string of Prime packages. (Anyone else need to join a Prime addicts anonymous class?) And an Irish Setter, Finn, that is probably the happiest soul you will ever meet. On any given night you can likely find my husband and I binging Game of Thrones or The Office. I love Disney churros, bath bombs and, of course, photography. 

I constantly get asked what it is about photography that I love so much. Its simple allows you to hold on to those precious, fleeting moments in life that you wish would never end. It allows you to capture not only a moment but a feeling.  So tell me…what do you want to hold on to forever?

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